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Riesling Background.

Germany is the home to the famous Riesling grape - a hardy, white variety that consistently produces high-quality wines. It's no surprise Riesling is the best known of Germany's varietals.

  • From the Pfalz (pronounced "faults'") region of Germany, Pfalz means "palace," a nod to the royalty who frequented the region in the Middle Ages
  • Winemaking began in the Pfalz region around 100 B.C.
  • The region consists of about 50 miles of scenic farmland, vineyards and Medieval castle ruins.

Riesling Characteristics & Style

Polka dot Sweet Riesling is all about balance and perfume, exhibiting a delicate yin and yang between its high acidity and fragrant aroma.

  • Riesling is what wine connoisseurs call "terroir-expressive," meaning the character of the wine is clearly influenced by the soil and climate of the region where its grapes are grown.
  • It's hard to miss the aromas of flowers, tropical fruits, citrus, green apple and mineral stone in a great Riesling
  • Riesling wines are rarely aged in oak and range in style from dry and semi-sweet to sweet and sparkling.