Glass of Wine
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Wine Tasting.

Dot Tasting Tips

Want to taste your Polka dot like a pro? Try these simple steps to round out your wine smarts.

  • Observe: Hold your glass of Polka dot Sweet Riesling against a white surface and pay special attention to the color of the wine. Notice the golden, straw-colored hue, typical of wines with a crisp acidity.
  • Sniff: Swirl the wine in the glass. Inhale slowly and deeply. You should be able to pick up faint floral aromas with a hint of citrus.
  • Experience: Feel the wine move against your tongue. Is it light - or full-bodied? Does it linger? Do you notice fruit flavors, floral notes or sweetness?

Dot Do's and Don'ts

Although entertaining with Polka dot Sweet Riesling is always fun and informal, these guidelines will help you make your soiree run seamlessly.


  • Serve wine in any glass you want - a white wine glass, a stemless glass or even a champagne glass. Whatever strikes your fancy!
  • Stir things up by mixing a Polka dot wine cocktail.
  • Serve our refreshing Polka dot Sweet Riesling in place of sparkling wines.
  • Feel free to store any remaining wine in the refrigerator after your event. Once opened, chilled white wines can be enjoyed for 2 - 3 days. Plus, Polka dot's convenient screw cap opening makes it simple to open and easy to store.


  • Stress about food and wine pairings! Remember, there are no rules. When in doubt, pair lighter foods with lighter wines and heartier foods with bolder wines. Check out our recipe ideas for inspiration
  • Run out of wine! Make sure you have enough wine on hand for your guests. Keep in mind, each bottle of wine fills about 4 - 5 glasses
  • Worry about the best way to taste the wine. If you feel like swirling and sniffing, go ahead. But don't sweat the formalities. The dot won't judge you.